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Local hosting is really imperative for this platform, changes need to be made to allow this to be locally hosted, it would make this such a more universally accessible software and useable on a plethora of devices (without being reliant on cloud).


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Can you help us better understand what problems hosting SharpTools locally would solve? Some use cases or examples would also be helpful.

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I’m still very much for local controls. But I also don’t know how difficult that is to do :laughing:
One perfect use case for me is a family cabin I’m installing a hubitat hub for, it doesn’t have internet access so I need it all to be local. And since sharp tools isn’t your forcing me to go the way of the built in hubitat dashboard. And that just makes me sad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a pretty significant change. There’s a lot of magic under the hood with our cloud architecture that makes the whole experience what it is.

Thanks for the example. I’m interested in understanding the use cases and why it’s important or can’t be accomplished with the current product. :smiley:

In your example of a cabin that doesn’t have internet at all, that means that things like Calendars, News Feeds, Album Art, etc. wouldn’t work either as they all depend on internet connectivity. As we look at adding other connections (like Sonos or Spotify), those would also have a reliance on the cloud as well.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like the primary interest for you would be a beautiful local dashboard to view and control your Hubitat devices (and maybe Modes/HSM)?


Absolutely correct good sir! Up at the cabin I wouldn’t necessarily need calanders, feeds and such. Album artwork wuldd be nice. But I still have yet to delve into that on even my home system.

Popular devices like Sonos and Echo Speaks both have cloud dependencies. SharpTools dashboards serve up the album art locally when it’s available… but even though the Sonos device is serving up the album art locally, the Sonos device itself downloads the artwork from the internet. :confused:

I see! I still have to play with that stuff. I use Google home and haven’t figured out how to do it through he yet. But I haven’t really sat down and bugged everyone to learn :joy:.

Bump, because a lack of local deters many of the hubitat guys.

Bump, as my house alarm went off and my Sharptools dashboard couldn’t disarm it due to current Hubitat OAuth issues.

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