Loading Speed Issue

  1. I’m using a Samsung Tab S.
  2. I’m using Fully Kiosk
  3. I have 4 dashboards the home dash board is simple the other 3 are more complex.
  4. Dashboard 2 has all my lights
  5. Dashboard 3 is a News and weather dasboard
  6. Dashboard 4 has about 13 Live Traffic cameras
  7. I have plenty of wifi speed

The problem is that it takes about 3 to 4 seconds to load each dashboard. I’m trying everything I know to speed up the loading, but I’m stuck.

I really don’t want to spend $500+ for a faster tablet.
When work on my computer it loads very quickly.

One thought I had was to put everything on one dashboard so it has to load only one time.

  1. Will having everything on one dashboard make it faster?
    Of course I would have to scroll to the section I want.

If this a good solution what about a tile that could act as “shortcuts” that will scroll to a certain point on a page?

@Bob_Ciolino, can you please take a video when you navigate between the dashboards, so we can better understand how the dashboards were rendered. (And assuming you are using “dashboard” tile to navigate among them.)

And here are few questions:

  1. Is the navigation faster after a reboot?

  2. After a fresh reboot, if you only navigate among dashboard 1-3, do you experience any slowness?

  3. When did you start to have this issue, and if there were any changes to your tablet, apps installed, or dashboard settings?

Which model Galaxy Tab S is it / how old is the device?

We preload the data needed for the other dashboards which is part of how we make it so fast to switch between dashboards on a modern device (like you experience on your computer).

If you’re using Media Tiles, you might try temporarily removing those to see if things improve. Some devices may struggle with high resolution media tiles or resource intensive media like MJPEG streams.


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I wish my DB loaded that fast.

I can’t believe that Motorola Xoom is still working! It must be close to a decade old by now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the video, Bob. That’s definitely much slower than I would expect (even on a much older device) especially since the slowest dashboard in the video was primarily just a set of Thing tiles. I’ve added it to the hit list and will take a closer look.

It’s still going. Those things were built like tanks. Most of what I need is on one dashboard because of the speed of tablet even overclocked to 1.5x normal spec. :astonished: