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While using Actiontools I tried to setup a live traffic map using Google, but could never quite figure it out. I came across a guy who was able to get a live gif image of Google maps to work. I asked him how he got it and all he would say was I would have to find it for my area. I searched high and low and could never figure it out. I read the post where you can use Bing traffic map and I will if need be, but is there a way to get Google to work with sharptools via the gif?

Here is the link he sent me for his area. I am in the St. Louis area, and whole knowing the traffic status in Houston might be a nice bit of morning trivia, ni would prefer my local area! Thanks!

As you mentioned, @james put together a great post on how to generate a traffic map using Bing. But as James noted in the How To, Google doesn’t officially provide an option for overlaying traffic.

If I understand correctly, he may have just meant to literally search for “St Louis Traffic” on Google as one of the first things they display is an image snapshot of traffic in the area.

Which results in something like:

I’m not sure how long these URLs last, if they’re actually ‘live’, their usage rights or anything though… but that’s how I interpreted the other person’s suggestion.

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wonderful idea !! But how to control the zoom ? It looks like you can’t …
Correct me if I’m wrong …

I don’t think you can control the zoom or anything other than changing what you search for. For example, if I search for the major city nearby, the map is zoomed out. If I search for a smaller suburb, it’s zoomed in. And if I search for a specific intersection, it zooms in even closer.

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