Link to Dashboard or Execute Rules from Notifications

It would be nice that by concrete trigger (for example switch is turned ON) to fire a message to the mobile so it appears as new notification, and that message contains a link to a specific SharpTools dashboard or better link that invokes a rule that operates another operation.

Also, the generated link should be one timer, means it cannot be reused.

Potential use:
Ringing the doorbell issues a notification on phone that invokes a rule that opens the door.

The challenging part is the mobile notification and the message that invokes SharpTools rules.


Thanks for the feedback. You could manually link to a dashboard in your notification today. It would require you to be logged in on the device that receives the notification, but it’s the first step in the right direction.

I’ve noted the request around having a link that invokes a rule. We’ve had some internal discussion about the ability to invoke rules via URL. The initial concepts have been around tokens that would be more long-lived as the more common cases we’ve heard have been for external integrations (eg. Node-RED, Event Ghost, Tasker, etc).

I’ve noted the request around ephemeral / one-time-use type tokens as well. Community feedback is a key part of how we prioritize development, so we’ll leave the topic open to better understand the level of interest from the community as a whole. :slight_smile:

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