Link for Netflix and plex intent

I have searched through the forum but could t manage to find the links to launch the netflix and plex app through sharptools.

I Did follow the steps to find out The links using fully launcher but those do not seem to work for me, they launch some sort of backup config.



Anybody have any luck with those?


Here are the intent for used in Fully Kiosk.





Sorry I misread and thought you were looking for the intent in Fully Kiosky. What browser are you using?

yes, that was it.
It works! Great, thx

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@James where do I input this I can’t figure out how to get any of my apps like Netflix or plex into a tile?

@Denver, you can create Hyperlink resource with the app itent URL. When these Hyperlink tile is added to the dashboard and tapped, it will then open the native app.

Please note that the intents posted earlier in this thread is only for using Fully Kiosk Browser.

do you have an example I couldnt get netflix app to work.

Can you share what you’ve tried so far? What type of device are you viewing your dashboards on and are you viewing them in the app ‘Fully Kiosk Browser’?

Also note that you may need to make sure that the Web Content Settings > Open URL Schemes in Other Apps setting is enabled in Fully Kiosk for the intent URLs to work. (Relevant Help Article)

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@josh @James I am trying to open these apps through my dashboard but cant find the intent link. Is there an intent for amazon alexa, Roku, zillow, LQ ThinQ, Smartcast Mobile (Vizio), instagram, facebook, wiz (Phillips Wiz smart lighting), Gmail, discord, ESPN, Chrome Internet, soundcloud app and spectrumTV app? I am using fully kiosk.

You should be able to get the intent URL for any app through Fully Kiosk Browser by following these steps:

:link: Linking android apps to a tile - #2 by josh

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