Lil' Help - Spacers and tiles overlapping in edit mode

I’m not sure what’s going on , but it’s driving me nuts.
Here’s quick video. You can see them overlapping in edit mode, and then when I save everything get’s messed up. And I’m ending up with hundreds of spacers as it keeps pushing valid tiles way down.
Only way I got it to save correctly is to line up every tile perfectly and then manually delete all the spacers…

It’s always the right hand 1 to 3 cols which doesn’t seem to recognize the tiles are there, and then fills it in with spacers and shoves things around.

Thanks for sharing the video. Is there any Custom CSS applied on this dashboard?

Does this only happen with this dashboard? If so, can you send me a PM with the dashboard URL?

I’ll check on the css but there shouldn’t be.
I have noticed this before, it’s always the far right col that is tricky . I added one more col to the screen - right side , and didn’t put any tiles in it and things are ok. Except for a big row of blanks of course lol.

I do have fonts size cranked up. 500% or so.
12 cols on mobile screen .
I as editing on a pc obviously.

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