Light switches reflect current ststus

Any plan for future update to have the switches in the dashboard match current status of the lights? Example if motion sensor turns one on it is reflected in dashboard not just only when turn on/off via dashboard.

Even if this was pro feature that would be worth it alone to me.

The tiles for lights/switches should match the status reported by your smart hub.

Have you verified that the status of the light is being reported properly in your smart hub?

Oh interesting, I will look into it and check it out. Thanks for letting me know.

Yep you are right, it is something with Hubitat not updating the status when lights turned on by alexa.

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What kind of lights are they? Z-wave and Zigbee lights should update status directly. Some older Z-wave lights need the Z-wave Poller on Hubitat. And if I remember correctly, the Hue integration does some type of polling.

I have a mix of Lifx, and Hue. The one I was testing on to see was a Hue light.

If I remember correctly, you can set the polling interval on the Hue Integration app on Hubitat.

Some people mentioned that the polling was not working out of the box, and they had to change the polling interval to something else and save, then change the polling interval back to their desired rate and save to get it to take effect.

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Yep that did the trick! Thanks mate for the help