Light icon won’t glow

I have a main dashboard that controls all my lights individually, and then I have a tile in the corner called “Scenes” that brings you to another dashboard that has my rules/routines (good morning, goodnight, all exterior on, etc.)
When I execute on of these rules (rules were made in sharptools) and then go back to my main dashboard, not all of the icons will glow to show that the lights are on(the lights are physically on)

I can go back to my “scenes” dashboard and then back to my main again, essentially “refreshing” the main, and then they will be glowing, but I would prefer not to have to go back and forth multiple times just for the main dashboard to display the current state of lights.

Anyone else had this issue or know of anything I can do to fix this? Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting @Jon_Canniff! Sorry to hear that the tiles aren’t glowing as expected after running a ‘Scene’ (SharpTools Rule).

Can you tell me more about the type of devices that are being controlled in your rule and what platform they are connected to (SmartThings or Hubitat)?

Thanks! Love using sharptools so far!

I am using Lutron Caseta switches connected to the Lutron PRO Bridge and then to my hubitat. Displayed on a amazon fire tablet using sharptools.

Thanks for the additional details. @Stan_Silverman and @Greg_Cole mentioned that they’ve seen Zigbee lights on Hubitat get out of sync when used with the HubConnect integration. In their case, the light is showing a :warning: icon in the bottom corner indicating that it thinks the displayed state is out of sync with what’s reported by the hub.

Are you also seeing the exclamation indicator in the corner of the tile after running your rule? Are you using HubConnect as well?

I’ll read into that, I have seen the “!” Pop up in the bottom right sometimes but it’s not usually the case lately
However I am not using any Zigbee bulbs, all Of my lights are the Lutron switches.
And I am not using HubConnect.

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I have some pictures of the process and the issues:

The I click on “Scenes” in top right where I have my Sharptools created rules and select All Lights on:

When I click “Back” to return to my main dashboard, you can see that all the lights have the icon glowing except for “Front Foyer” and “Front Closets” (but these lights are actually physically on.

I then go back to “Scenes” and then Click “Back” to my main dashboard, and the icons of those two lights are now on:

It happens everytime, and it is inconsistent which tiles and how many tiles will do it each time. Any ideas how to fix?


Thanks for the screenshots and additional details! :smiley:

What happens if you stay on the dashboard with all the lights and run the rule without changing dashboards (eg. from another tablet or temporarily put the ‘All Lights On’ rule directly on that same dashboard for testing.

The reason I ask is... (tap to expand)

I see one minor improvement we can make to the Switch tile and I’ll work on getting it patched and into beta. If the light status changes within 1.5 seconds of the dashboard being loaded, it’s possible for the state to not update. This is a result of the new ‘optimistic’ switch tiles.

Based on the screenshots and description, it sounds like the flow is:

Main Dashboard → Navigate to Scenes → Run Scene → Navigate Back to Main Dashboard

So if the light is just changing status right as you switch back to the main dashboard, I could see it potentially getting out of sync.

Edit: Just an update that we pushed a change to beta which should fix potential timing issues (eg. a switch state changing within 1.5 seconds of the dashboard loading).

I’m not sure if that’s what you were seeing, but either way I’ve sent you a PM with details on how to access the beta to try it.

Sounds good! I’ll give it a try and let you know, thanks!