Light Color Hue & Blinking


I am trying to get my Hue lights which are connected through Smartthings to change to a specific color using the web interface.

The color does not appear to change, I have tried hex values and worded colors for example ‘red’ in the variable field. Is there something specific I need to include, like string delimiters etc?

Also, is i possible to blink the lights for a set period? I can see there is a macro to fade over time, but this would be a constant light over the set period.

Thanks in advance

Are you trying to do this through a rule? Normally there’s a color picker available, but I think certain Philips Hue integrations in SmartThings aren’t reporting their data types properly in the next-gen SmartThings integration. It’s on my list to investigate and report to SmartThings (though I suspect it could also be something that gets resolved if the device is currently on a Groovy DTH which will transition to a driver).

That being said, if you were trying to do things manually or with variables, you can find some details on how to achieve this in the following thread:

The SmartThings setColor() command expects a ‘COLOR_MAP’ parameter which is basically an object with ‘hue’ and ‘saturation’ values. Of particular note is that the hue parameter is 0-100 in the SmartThings world.


I think I have solved it.

If I click on advanced I can then select the value type. It seems to default to JSON on creating the action for the device. Stumbled across it as I was pasting in the json values you were recommending in the referenced thread.

All appears to work ok now, both with JSON and color picker


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Thanks for the update - good to know that you can manually switch to the color picker.

I believe it’s because that device is reporting the expected value as a JSON_OBJECT rather than a COLOR_MAP. I’ll mention it to SmartThings, but also see if it’s something we can work around on our side to default to the color picker even if it’s saying it wants a JSON object.


Is there a best way to make a light blink?

I can do it with lots of set level commands, but when I need it to blink 10 times it requires 20 actions, not including off or a color selection

Got a feeling I might be missing something as I start this Sharptools journey