Lifx/Hue Light State in Hubitat

Is there a way to get the dashboard to reflect what is going on with the lights? For example all lights are off and then via Alexa I ask for a light to be turned on. With the dashboard it still shows it as off. Is this a bug, or just something Sharptools can’t do right now?

SharpTools will reflect the state of the lights as reported by your hub.

If I remember correctly, you are on Hubitat. Your first step will be making sure that Hubitat is reflecting the proper light state.

What type of light is it that you are controlling from Alexa?

Mix of Lifx and Hue lights. I will have a play around then and see what they are showing in Hubitat

Ah, I believe both Lifx and Hue depend on polling to keep the state up to date in Hubitat. SharpTools gets its state from Hubitat, so you’ll want to get Hubitat reporting the state properly.

The recommendation I’ve seen on the Hubitat community is to control the Hue/Lifx devices through Hubitat where possible. From what I understand, there is a polling / refresh interval option for the Hue / Lifx integration that can also be adjusted.

Yeah that is what I am seeing now, thanks for the explanation.