LIFX bulbs don't react

Hi all
Im new here and to Sharptools
Been googling around, but have not found an answer yet. So i try here.
I have Samsung Smartthingshub (ST) and one or our bulbs are LIFX. It is pressent in the ST and i have made a tile on dashboard in sharptools. When the LIFX turns on (due to schedule) i can see it on the dashborad. When i hit the tile on the dashbord, Tile responds, sends a command and tile is now showíng the LIFX is off. But it aint. Nothing happens to the LIFX when i hit the tile. Is there an “easy” solution to this ? or is it easier to change the bulp to a Hue :slight_smile:

Thx for the answer

When you press the Sharptools dashboard tile to turn the LIFX bulb off, and the Sharptools dashboard shows the LIFX off (even though it isn’t), what is the bulb’s status in SmartThings? Does it show off there too? Take a look at the SmartThings events for the bulb to see if you see the ‘Off’ event.

My understanding is that SharpTools obtains the status from SmartThings, so it sounds like SmartThings is receiving the command and changing the status, but the bulb isn’t receiving the command.


Thx alot, ill look into it :slight_smile: