Life360 Direct integration?

Well, with the end of Life360 and Groovy yesterday, I’m wondering if there is a direct integration with Life360 and SharpTools for reporting presence. …


Theres an unofficial custom tile. Life360 Live Map . On the rule side you could probably use the same APIs the custom tile is using in http requests but that would be a poll.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to sync an Edge virtual Presence sensor with a phone on the ST side. If that works, I’m sure SharpTools can see them.


You can do this with tasker, a plugin for tasker called AutoLocation if you want to use geofences and the SmartThings Rest API. With all that being said it’s a lot of work and it only works on Android. I currently have 1 vEdge presence sensor working on that method.

Thank you Jake!

I’ve really never had an issue with the native ST presence and phones until now…

I’m basically “shopping around” for a back up. ST support said they put me on an email list and “might” have a work around by 9PM. If so, they will email it.

Good to know, please keep us updated on what Samsung tells you.

I’m going to add this link here cuz it kind of has to do with the same topic.

No update from Samsung yet, but one of the Androids is now reporting Presence Status correctly. The other one not yet… Not sure about the iPhone as it has not been here in a day and a half…

If you use google or alexa you can use these as a back up.

I use ST to set my vPresence sensor and set up both google home and alexa home/away routines as back ups.
In ST I have the home/away routines using vPresence sensor as a precondition so it only gets triggered once no matter which service triggers it. It has been working great for several months

ST routines
vPresence is not present (precondition)
Phone is at home
set vPresence to present

vPresence is present (precondition)
Phone is away from home
set vPresence to not present

Alexa & Google routine
If arrives in geolocation
Then set vPresence to present

If leaves geolocation
Then set vPresence to not present

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All presence started working correctly about an hour ago. No response from ST yet, but…

Thanks @Terri that gives me some options with L360 gone. That was my backup…

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I bought a cheap, used Android phone on which I installed L360.

I also installed MacroDroid to fire a webook whenever a L360 notification is triggered on the phone.

The text of that notification is sent to SharpTools and used as a trigger based on the value received.

Works perfectly for me.

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I have done the same thing with tasker.

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