Legacy SmartThings Status Not Updating

My dashboard is using the legacy Smartthings integration and as of today the device status of multiple devices is not updating.

I have reauthorized devices and refreshed the dashboards several times. Any other suggestions?

If you’re familiar with the SmartThings IDE, I would login and check the Installed SmartApps for your hub.

Look for the SharpTools SmartApp and see if it’s paused. If it shows a play icon, you’ll want to tap that to enable the SmartApp again.

The IDE shows SharpTools is active. I tried pausing it and restarting it with no change.

What’s wierd is that devices change to active (on/motion/open) in SharpTools but will not change to inactive (off/no motion/closed)

If you watch the IDE Live Logs, do you see the ‘inactive’ events getting sent across?

If so, can you PM me some Doc IDs of devices that aren’t updating as expected?