Legacy Realtime Connection Sunset on 2024-03-25

On March 25th, 2024 we will sunset the legacy realtime connection. If this change affects you, you would have received an email with details.

In early 2024, we launched an enhanced realtime connection, and since then, over 95% of users have successfully migrated. For the majority, this transition was seamless, happening automatically during a page refresh in SharpTools.

Action Required for Impacted Users

If you received an email about this change, please follow these steps to ensure uninterrupted service for your Thing and Variable data:

Regular browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

  • Refresh your browser page while viewing SharpTools
    • Tap the refresh icon in your browser or pull-to-refresh
  • If issues persist, clear your browser cache

Fully Kiosk

  1. Slide out the Fully Kiosk left navigation drawer and select ‘Privacy Check’
  2. Check the boxes and tap Delete
  3. Refresh the page or slide out the left navigation drawer and select ‘Go to Start URL’

How to Verify Your Version

You can verify that you are on a supported version by following these steps on each tablet or phone that you interact with SharpTools from:

  1. Navigate to your User Page
    • Open the Account Menu (top right) → View Account
  2. Tap the Manage Account option in the User Card
  3. Verify the version listed at the bottom of the table
    • Ensure the version is 240220.xxxx or newer (YYMMDD format)

Newer versions such as 240311.xxxx are also compatible. Many impacted accounts are running versions from 2023 which do not display the version number. If you can’t find a version number, refresh your browser and clear the cache as needed.

As of today, March 25th 2024, the legacy realtime connection has been sunset.

If you experience all Thing, Location, and Variable data not updating in your Dashboards, make sure to check the post above for details on how to verify that you are on a version of the SharpTools web-app which supports the new realtime connection.

As of writing this post, less than 2% of connections are still using the legacy realtime connection. For those accounts, you can follow the steps in the original post above to refresh your browser page (or clear your cache) to ensure you’re running the latest version of the web-app.