Left Align Data on Tile

Sorry if I’ve missed this one somewhere else…

Is there a way to left align data on a tile? I’ve got a variable that is created by joining a string together. The display tile is centered, but ideally I’d want it to look as if it were in columns.

The expression that is generating it is:

HR = $context.response.data.leagueLeaders[0].leaders
myString = map(HR, concat(stringify(x.rank)," ",x.person.initLastName, " (",x.person.primaryPosition.abbreviation,")", "     ",x.team.abbreviation,"     ",x.value))
join(myString, "\r\n")

Hey Jason, I’m guessing your tile is a standard variable value tile, which to my knowledge doesn’t give you the option to change the text justification. You could do it with a simple Super Tile though, where you just add the value of the variable. Here’s one of mine for example, and you can see the Super Tile setup allows text justification to be set.