LED Lights via IFTTT

Hey all.

I’m putting together a dashboard with smartthings, I have a couple of LED strip lights that use IFTTT to work with smart things, how can I add this as a button to my Sharptools Dashboard?

Hi Robert-
Thanks for posting and welcome to the community!

How are the LED lights currently integrated with SmartThings via IFTTT? If they’re already setup as a ‘Thing’ within SmartThings, then you should be able to authorize that thing directly in SharpTools.

Edit: For anyone else who finds this via search… in discussion with Robert, it sounds like he also uses Alexa for integrating his devices and has discovered that he can control devices that work in Alexa (but don’t have a native SmartThings integration) using Alexa Virtual Switches:

:link: Xbox and Sharptools (via Alexa)