Lauch IoS Tuya app via Hyperlink

I use my sharptools primarily on Fire tablets and I can launch the Tuya app with those devices. (I use the Hyperlink because I have light and fan controls that are not supported by Smartthings) But I have a few IoS devices (my wife’s phone and boss lady wants access) that I would like to launch the Tuya app from a dashboard via a Hyperlink. I can do this with Spotify but when I attempt to launch Tuya I get a Login page and it asks Google Email or Phone. Even if I then Login it never takes me to the app. Here is my Hyperlink properties.

tuya smart://app/browse

I don’t have any Apple device, but I found the question interesting so I searched a bit.

The hyperlink you use for Spotify is built in iOs, I found this little list of Apple apps and Third party apps that are supported:

Tuya app isn’t in there, so I’m guessing it doesn’t work like that. Maybe other members can chip in with a workaround?