Konnected/Smarthings/ Lock Icon not Changing

This is tough, as I am not a “techie” and know just enough to be dangerous.

About 3 years ago, I set up Konnected with interface and keys switch to work with my Vista 20P. I kept one of the old fashioned control panels, and the other one, I replaced with an amazon tablet and Sharptools (and samsung smarthings). Has worked great for several years.

I can arm/disarm and see status of all zones via the Fire tablet. I know whether it is armed or disarmed on the tablet, depending on if the padlock icon is in the open , or locked position.

I can still arm and disarm the panel manually via the touchpad, or via smarthings… but that lock “icon” remains in the locked position with the alarm is armed, or disarmed. Any ideas?

Can you share more details about the type of tile you’re using? And perhaps some details or screenshots of how the style/icons are customized for this tile?

Upper left is the only action button… the other 5 are just status view. When disarmed that lock icon changes to an open lock icon with a green perimeter.

Do you mean that the second tile used to update to an open lock icon with a green perimeter and it recently stopped doing that?

Based on the ‘Closed’ status in the bottom-right corner of that tile, it looks like it’s a Motion Sensor. Is it a virtual motion sensor and how is that motion sensor getting updated?

Tile #2 is “read only.” It tells me if my Honeywell Vista 20p alarm panel is “armed” or unarmed. I can arm or disarm the panel by sending a signal (plus PIN) via Tile #1, via the traditional key pad installed in a different room, or via the Smarthings App on my phone. Regardless of which source sends the the arm/disarm signal, the status was always properly indicated on tile #2 here. That is, until a couple days ago. Regardless of the Vista actual status, tile #2 is “stuck” showing the alarm is armed.

Right… but where is that read-only value getting set?

It sounds like the value isn’t getting updated anymore and it’s staying “Closed” and thus the icon and color isn’t changing… so you’ll want to track down how that value is getting set. Maybe you have a special driver / integration, an automation in SmartThings, or even a rule in SharpTools. The first step is identifying where that value is getting set.

agree I need to figure out where that armed / disarmed icon status is getting set. I look at sharptools, and I have no “rules” at all. I go into smarthings, and I dont see any “routines” that look applicable. I dont think the Konnected app would do anything. Where else should I look?

Figured it out. I wire connected to “Trig 1” on the Vista 20p came loose. I plugged it back in, and all was good! see Honeywell/Ademco VISTA Series Setup & Configuration

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