Kiosk Mode display login bar

Hello I want to use sharp tools in a common area, but, when I use the kiosk mode it shows for few moment the login bar when you refresh the page.
So if some one is fast enough can click on account menu and then do what he wants.
How I can prevent this?

@Ca_Maria_Adele, welcome to the community. What tablet(device) and browser(app) are you using to host the dashboards? For Fire/Android tablets, you may want to check out Fully Kiosk Browser, which allows you to fully lock down the tablet and disable the refresh, for more ideal “kiosk” usage. For iPad, I have seen people using Kiosker and Kiosk Pro, and I would imagine they have similar feature for the more restricted “kiosk” use case.

I use an android pad and fully kiosk browser. But you are sayng that the only way to prevent the display of the menu bar is to disable the refresh? (sorry but my english is terrible)

I believe what James was saying is: the navigation bar only shows up when the app first loads or when the page is manually refreshed.

A lot of people use an app like Fully Kiosk Browser as you can lock down what the browser can do – for example, you can disable the ability to manually refresh the page so other people aren’t able to refresh to see the navigation bar.