Keyboard not showing for Login screen - Fully Kiosk + Kindle

I had to reset my google password because someone hacked my account and set me up with Google Ads account and tried to start running ads through it.

I started going around to my various touchscreens to log them back in and got stumped at two.

The on screen keyboard will not show in Fully on my Kindle HD 10 9th Gen and Kindle 8 10th Gen.

Rebooted, and tried all of the obvious things and couldn’t get it to show. Could be something really stupid?

Also, I noticed on the phone login option there is an icon to bring up the number pad - which works. So I thought I would try logging them in through the phone but I can’t figure out how to add a phone number to my account?

Thanks for the help.

Oh, man – sorry to hear that! You can find details on how to link other login types to your account here:

I just checked your account and it looks like you already have a phone number attached to it. When you navigate to your user page, you should see the phone number listed there.

There’s a Fully Kiosk Setting under Advanced Web Settings → Always Hide Keyboard.

When I first enabled it, my keyboard still worked, but when I exited Fully Kiosk (with the side menu) and then reopened it, the keyboard would no longer show when I attempted to login. So I would double check that setting is OFF, exit Fully, then reopen it. :slight_smile:

Similarly, there’s a setting just above that one called ‘Enable Text Input’ and you would want that one to be ON. Same thing, I had to exit and re-open Fully for the change to take effect.

Thanks - the option to hide keyboard is off and the enable text input is on. Can’t figure out why the keyboards are not working. I have 5 kindles. 2 are afflicted and three are fine. Super weird. However, I was able to get the phone number working - must have typed it in wrong the first time.

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This occasionally happens on my fire tablets also. Usually restarting the tablet fixes it.