Issuing a Refresh every 2 minutes to Receive Current Temperature from Thermostats

I have Honeywell Home Total Connect Comfort setup in Linked Services in SmartThings so I can control my Honeywell thermostats. One problem I’ve had with that integration, is that the SmartThings app does not receive updates when the temperature of a thermostat changes. I found that if I refresh them, it does receive the current temperature of the thermostat. Since I base several automations on temperature changes in the rooms with these thermostats, I need them to be up to date. What I did in WebCoRE is to setup a piston to refresh all three of my thermostats every 2 minutes. This enabled me to receive accurate temperature changes with, at worst, a 2-minute delay.
Is there a way I could trigger a rule like this to run every 2 minutes with SharpTools? Can anyone recommend a better way to accomplish my goal?

Maybe I’m not understanding correctly, but the loop you discussed before should work here. It’s the same situation where you need to run something at an interval. I would do the same as you did previously, just remove the IF condition as it’s not needed.

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Yep. Good call. I’ll do that. Thanks.