Issues with Dashboards, Harmony

So a few months ago I started to have some issues with my Dashboards. I have a couple FireHD8 devices, one on the main floor (older 2017 version) and one in my basement (2020 version).

  • My Harmony commands no longer work on either.
  • On my upstairs (Fire 2017) tablet, my security camera streams work fine
  • On my basement (Fire 2020) tablet, the same dashboard won’t work for the same security streams. Streams won’t show on this tablet.

They’ve been working fine for ages,and I don’t think I changed anything and can’t recall when they stopped working.

Any ideas?

Are you on SmartThings? The Harmony stuff probably stopped working with the groovy shutdown.

Fire tablet camera is probably the 111 thing mentioned here with a workaround Google Chrome - Mixed Content - Media Not Showing

Yes, on Smartthings. The Chromium issue though was back in 2020, this just started not working a few months ago at my end.

Not sure why it would work on my older tablet and not the newer tablet?

Does the “groovy shutdown” mean there is no more Harmony integration with SmartThings and therefore Sharptools?


Guess I will have to look into this bridge thing that one of the members built.

Check the big stop sign in that post. Chromium 111 was released in spring 2023. Amazon probably didn’t include the update until just the past few months.

The older tablet probably isn’t getting updates and is running an old OS now.