Issues linking music

Hi I recently set up a jukebox panel. Had it working great but then had to change all my devices over to another location. Now all my buttons won’t link anymore. I had them set to play music from tune in or Spotify playlists and to play on my speaker group “all speakers”. When music is playing I can see it on mu “all speakers” tile so that is working but the Link buttons are not. this is an example of how I have it set up. As stated I had it set up the exact same way perviously and was working fine.

Were you previous using the searchTuneIn command with the argument "BBC Radio 1 on All Speakers" on an individual speaker?

I’m guessing the Echo - All Speakers (WHA) shown in the screenshot is an Echo Group?

@Shane_Dorey, can you try to change the device to the physical individual echo device, instead of the group? See below that I selected my individual echo as the device and ask it to play music on “All Speakers”

Meanwhile, when you have the issue please try the voice command “Alexa, play BBC Radio 1 on All Speakers on TuneIn” to see if the voice command works. My experiences is Echo Speaks commands works very similar to the voice command, so when I have issues with Echo Speaks command, I usually verify it with the voice command to make sure Alexa actually understands it.


Thanks for the quick reply guys! one thing that made me move to sharp tools was the community and the support that is given.
I changed the speaker to a single speaker and kept the commands the same. All works fine now.