Issues adding empty String var to SuperTile

I noticed during Edit that my SuperTile appeared unchanged after several attempts to add a String variable, which happened to be empty (no Value set). So I revisited the var’s definition page and assigned it a temporary value.

Suddenly the SuperTile showed all 3 copies of the String variable, which I was free to move, delete, etc. They must have been “there” but “invisible” before?

Not sure if this qualifies as a bug, expected behavior, or what, but for me it was all rather unexpected. My original intent was simply to create an empty box to act as a placeholder for a variable which would be assigned values (by Rules) later.

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It felt like a bug to me, so we’ve pushed a hotfix to better handle unset (null) variables in the Super Tile editor.

Note that you may need to manually refresh your browser while viewing the page to pull in the latest updates. :slight_smile:


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