Issue with fully kiosk and Silk with new style feature

Having issues with the new changes to color vs. style options and my browsers for wall control on fire10hd. One, is the options are not available on those browsers in title with styles being changed to opaque colors. And additionally I get floating for a weather media tile that opens a modal box. I can get the icons to properly align if I restart my Fire, but it goes back as I navigate between dashboards to the picture below.


Have you done a full refresh in Fully Kiosk Browser recently (or a complete restart of the device)? If the device has been open and running for a long time, it could be running an old version. Refreshing the browser page is usually all it takes to pull in the update.

If that doesn’t help, can you share more details or screenshots. I wasn’t sure what you were referring to in the following:

With the media tile, would you mind PMing @support with the minimal steps to reproduce? it sounds like you have two specific dashboards that you can navigate between to reproduce this (among others), right?