Is there anyway to automatically switch to a sub-dashboard

Is there anyway to switch to a sub dashboard (ie: a dark mode dashboard) at a certain time or based on a value ie: Home = Night

What type of device are you displaying your dashboards on and are you using an app like Fully Kiosk Browser or WallPanel?

Both of those ‘kiosk’ apps have a REST API that can be used for changing which page is loaded.

Hey Josh - using apple ipads

I don’t know of a solution on iOS. There are a few ‘kiosk’ apps for iOS, but I’m not sure if any of them have the option for remotely changing which dashboard URL is loaded. Perhaps you could ask over in the How to switch from Android/Fire to Apple / iOS / iPad Pro? - #2 by josh thread to see if anyone who uses those apps knows. Or even reach out to the app developers to get their insights.

As a point of reference, the Fully Kiosk and WallPanel apps for Android each have a REST API which can be used in a rule to control which URL is displayed. If any of the iOS kiosk apps offered a REST API, my thought was you could use that to control which dashboard was displayed.

This doesn’t help you with iPads, but just in case it’s at all helpful to you or others…I drive my dashboard with my mac mini and use Better Touch Tool (in combination with Applescript) to auto switch between dashboards. It doesn’t look like there’s an ipad version though.

In case anyone stumbles on this thread, this can be done with Kiosker and automations in IOS

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Can you share more details? Per our other discussion, I was aware that Kiosker has the ability to ‘return to home’ after inactivity so it always goes back to your main dashboard, but your original goal was to be able to switch dashboards based on a certain time or value, right?

Are you using the Deep Link feature of Kiosker with iOS Shortcuts (automations)?


For example:


I haven’t tried it, but reading through the Kiosker documentation, it seems like that approach could work well. IIRC, prior to iOS 13, you couldn’t automatically trigger Shortcuts… I believe they added some automatic features in iOS 13 but I couldn’t remember what the limitations were for ‘automatic’ triggers.

Yep, this is the way to do it, then use apple iOS shortcuts to trigger the URL load. You can tell it to load without prompts. I haven’t been able to tie it to Home events yet, but does work on a specific time. Deep Links is the key.

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