Is there a way to run locally

I know or at least I think action tiles can but I have grown used to this platform.

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Hi @burick_graham, none of the 3rd party software can be integrated with SmartThings locally, including ActionTiles. SmartThings has been working on improving the local processing, but is limited to its official smart app, like Smart Light, or Automation at this point, and have some limitations. See below.

Anyway, can you share us your thoughts why do you want to run locally? Thanks.

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Isn’t hubitat focussed on local control? I want to be able to still control digital tiles locally

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Sorry, I thought you were asking about SmartThings integration since AT was mentioned. We currently integrate with Hubitat over Hubitat cloud and that means Hubitat hub still needs internet connection so it can be controlled remotely on your phone or by SharpTools. Additionally, many have both SmartThings and Hubitat, and use SharpTools as the middle man to control devices from different platforms in one dashboard, or create rules to make different devices to interact across platform.

I would love it if we could purchase a license to run a local version of the dashboard for Hubitat. I have a Synology NAS with docker on it, if I could purchase a local-execution subscription and run a docker image of the sharptools dashboard that would be streets ahead of the competition.


Great idea! How good would that be!!