Is there a way to add two Hubitat hubs to account

I’m using two separate hubitat hubs and would like to be able to have one dashboard to see the devices on connected to both hubs.

Hi @mike welcome to the community site. currently doesn’t support multiple Hubitat hubs. We use a similar authorization process between SmartThings and Hubitat. With SmartThings, when you go through the authorization process multiple times, it will add additional hubs to your list of available hubs, but Hubitat return onlys the last authorized device.

However, you may want to take a look of the community developed smart app HubConnect that allows you to share devices across multiple hubs so you can connect to just one hub.

Let us know how this approach works for you. Thanks.

I currently have 2 HE hubs using Hubconnect and for now I use the virtual switches to make the second hub available to SharpTools. In my case I added a second hub for performance because as I got everything from local to cloud based devices on 1 hub I started to notice performance issues with routines that involved large numbers of things. So I added the second hub and only tie a few things to the primary hub. So I do worry as I link more of the second hub devices to the master I will be back in the same situation.

I would second being able to connect to both and use SharpTools as my master control for both.


Ouch! Sure wish I had searched for this topic before buying another Hubitat hub! A recent post on the Hubitat community convinced me that my life would be so much better if I partitioned device types using multiple hubs. Well - at least my hubs may feel relieved now even though I’m really disappointed.

Any chance you’ll be able to arm-wrestle the Hubitat guys into helping out with this?

I might play around with HubConnect.

Don’t forget that Hubitat hubs come with a built in Hub Link app for multiple hubs within the same home (it pairs up with the aptly named Link to Hub built in app). I haven’t personally tried it, but I understand that it’s designed for this type of setup with multiple hubs in one home.

A common approach for Hub Link is to use multiple hubs, each dedicated to a different radio… and then aggregate the ‘app’ side of things into one hub. Eg. Master Hub that runs the apps and has all the devices listed… then separate hub(s) dedicated for Z-wave and/or Zigbee.

I hear great things about HubConnect as well (especially for linking in SmartThings devices into Hubitat or vice versa). The nice thing about Hub Link is it’s a built in app.


Thanks Josh.

For now, I’m going to use just my original hub.