Is it possible to view mjpeg outside of my LAN


I have been using a few Wyze cams linked via RTSP to a Synology Survailance Station and than use the mjpeg generated from synology into a media tile.

They are working flawless while on my LAN, however i cannot view the mjpeg outside of my local network. If for example i am away from home and would like to check the cameras on my phone dashboard, the media tile will stay blank. Is there a way to enable the mjpeg media tiles to work outside of my LAN?


Hi @DBN, the reason why you cannot see the camera’s content in the dashboard is because your phone cannot access your TinyCam’s local ip address when it is not on your LAN network. When viewing the dashboard with camera media tiles included, your viewing device (phone/tablet) will try to connect the media source from the client side, and your camera’s content is never sent to

So if you’d like to view the camera media tiles on your dashboard when not on your LAN as well, you will need make your TinyCam web server external accessible. See #3 in the TinyCam Q&A for more details.

And you’d also want to make sure you have the username/password set properly, because you certainly don’t want anyone else from the world to be able to access your TinyCam server or view the videos.

---- EDIT ----
The OP is using Synology Surveillance Station, not TinyCam. But the same concept applies. The video server needs to be accessible externally, and may require things like port forwarding, DDNS, and etc.

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uhm ok, will try looking into it.

i am not using tinycam though, i am running it directly from Synology Survaillance Station to Sharptools dashboard, might be the same explanation though.


@DBN, my apology. I read your post earlier and just got a chance to reply, but completely forgot you’ve mentioned the Synology in your case. However, the external accessible concept still applies though. Your viewing device needs to have direct access to your video source, so you will have to do the same thing to your Synology Surveillance Station server if you want to access the videos when outside your local network. Ex: port forwarding from your router to your server, DDNS for the domain since your external ip may change, and etc

I don’t have a Synology to test with, but here are something I found based on my quick Google research and hope this info helps.

Setup DDNS

And you will need to forward the port 443 on your router to your Synology server.

Setup application alias for Surveillance Station

so you can access the service via the link similar to this https://yourdomain/cams/