Is it possible to make media tiles out of public webcams?

A big part of my dash is displaying current conditions for different outdoor activities. Many of these activities have various public webcams to show what is currently going on. Is there any way to turn these into media tiles?? I can’t seem to find a url from these feeds that lead straight to the cam. Any ideas??

Here are some examples:

If the source camera is directly accessible publicly, you can display it on a dashboard. There’s a difference between a camera being shown on a website and being completely public though.

It doesn’t look like that source for the spyglass camera is completely public. It looks like it’s restricted to be displayed on just the site. Same with the mountain resort. You could always ask them if they have a public source? Otherwise it might be easier to find another camera source.

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Thanks for the reply. Just curious, how are you determining if they are restricted or not?

It’s probably more detailed than a simple reply could cover. :rofl:

The short version is I looked at the page’s source code and neither of the cameras has a simple direct video stream available.

I checked the spyglass one and noticed it iframed in a page with a token in the URL for displaying the camera. Then I noticed the token had an expiration time encoded in it, so I checked the raw source and noticed it was just a really simple script, so I tried the script in a sharptools custom tile and the network requests and errors indicated it was domain locked to just their site.

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On second glance, you might be able to do it with the mountain cam with a custom tile. Not sure they really mean to allow this or not though so YMMV.

Put the below code in a custom tile:

<style>html, body { margin: 0 }</style>
<div id="svp_player6e2z5zmitww8" >
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<script language="javascript">
  var vars = {clip_id:"6e2z5zmitww8",transparent:"true",pause:"0",repeat:"",bg_color:"#ffffff",fs_mode:"2",no_controls:"",start_img:"0",start_volume:"0",close_button:"",brand_new_window:"1",auto_hide:"1",stretch_video:"1",player_align:"NONE",offset_x:"0",offset_y:"0",player_color_ratio:0.6,skinAlpha:"50",colorBase:"#000000",colorIcon:"#ffffff",colorHighlight:"#5cbbf5",direct:"false",is_responsive:"true",viewers_limit:0,cc_position:"bottom",cc_positionOffset:70,cc_multiplier:0.03,cc_textColor:"#ffffff",cc_textOutlineColor:"#ffffff",cc_bkgColor:"#000000",cc_bkgAlpha:0.1,aspect_ratio:"16:9"};
var svp_player = new SVPDynamicPlayer("svp_player6e2z5zmitww8", "", "100%", "100%", {use_div:"svp_player6e2z5zmitww8",skin:"3"}, vars);

Looks like it’s just the clip id on line 7 that changes for each one:

Cam1: 6e2z5zmitww8
Cam2: 1whnxxjlwtus
Cam3: all3zjvw4kgg

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You can if the cam has a url. Go to manage resources and make a media tile. Load that tile into your dashboard.

That works… for now anyways. Thanks!

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