Is it possible to add Alternating Labels on Variable Tile?

I have a variable that displays the forecast for today and changes in the evening to tomorrow’s forecast.

Is there a way to add a label that changes between Today and Tomorrow?

Here is the variable that I would like to add alternating labels to

Here are my 2 rules

Not sure about in a normal tile, but this seems like a job for…SUPER Tiles!!

I was trying to avoid Super tiles as they cause the dashboards to load VERY slow on my fire tablets but looks like that may be my only option…

Would it be a too stupid solution to add a variable tile, that changes with your rules to simply state “today” and “tomorrow”.
You could even make it tap-able to switch between both if you want to see tomorrow’s weather at any time.

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That’s what I did but can only put the 2 variables together using a Super tile. Do you have another suggestion?