Iris CT100 smart thermostat battery usage under starptools

I have an Iris CT100 smart thermostat accessed thru smart things. It is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries. My standard Duracell batteries lasted the better part of a year accessed thru alexa or google to query and set the temp throughout the winter. The thermostat sits pretty idle right now as it only controls my furnace. The batteries recently ran down. I upgraded to a higher grade Duracell battery. Now I find that the new batteries have run down, after about 3 weeks. What I realized is that the short battery lifespan may correspond to usage under sharptools (the end of the old batteries and the quick demise of the new). I wonder if there’s a constant query that is draining the batteries while checking the temp and humidity values to display under sharp tools…

Thanks for posting and including all the details. SharpTools (and other integrations like Google Home and Alexa) don’t poll the end device for status, so they shouldn’t have any impact on your device’s battery. The integrations subscribe to the existing event stream in SmartThings, so there shouldn’t be any impact to the device itself.

Have you created any automations or rules setup that use the device? Or has anything else related to the device or your SmartThings system changed recently?

Thanks for the quick response. The only change I am aware of is displaying the controls on my sharptools display. I will check to see if I somehow changed a setting on the device when I changed the batteries. I will also see if I can maybe turn it off since I dont really need it active in the summer. Although I was planning to try to use the household temp vs outdoor temp to activate a window or whole house fan. You have answered my question and it may be closed it you like. Thx muchly.