Ipad Safari Keeps Refreshing out of Screen

I’m having an issue where it will randomly go white for a second then exit full screen. It used to be like once a month, but now a few times a day.

I am using a 1st gen iPad Air that is updated as far as it can (iOS 12 I believe).

I am using the safari shortcut.

My older iPad in the basement does this occasionally as well, normally only once a week.

Any idea the reasoning?

I tried rebooting, and checking for updates (but think they are both maxed out).

Sounds like the browser itself might be crashing. Can you share a screenshot/photo of what each of the dashboards look like?

So the one with camera feeds is the one that keeps refreshing, are the camera feeds the problem? I have them refreshing every second (I pay best enough their server can handle it haha). But if it fixes my end to lower that to like 5 seconds I would try that?

Is the one on the bottom the one in the basement?

Yes, the simple one is the basement.

I just saw this edit. That’s where my suspicion was. It seems like the browser is crashing for some reason and I wonder if the camera feeds could be contributing.

Just for testing purposes, it might be worth trying to temporarily disable the autorefresh (or even temporarily remove the media tiles) to see what impact that has on Safari crashing. Then add them back and slowly ramp up the refresh rate to get a better feel for if/how it’s impacting things.

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I will experiment with that.

Now that I think about it, it was around the time I added the third camera it started doing this. So maybe just too much for the old Ipad to process?

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