IotaWatt- SharpTools Integration

I am using SharpTools connected to my SmarThings hub for my home automation. I am also using the IotaWatt system to monitor my home electricity power utilization, which provides for a web interface to monitor the power. The IotaWatt system has a Query API that provides access to the historical data in the datalogs using a restful interface that produces a table of JSON or CSV data. It is possible to request and receive even a single measurement, e.g. total power. Is there a way to periodically capture such a value in SharpTools, so as to use this value either for display in a tile or to create notifications, etc?

Do you already have the device connected into SmartThings? From a quick search, I didn’t see a community developed device handler available.

It looks like @ogiewon wrote an integration for Hubitat and he seems to open to people porting it to SmartThings.

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Thanks for your prompt response, @josh!

No, the device is not connected into SmartThings as this is not supported there, nor have I been able to find a3rd part support there. Hence my looking for how to get data from it the way I described in my 1st post.

I could try to contact @ogiewon, although I am not very confident I will be able to port his work to SmarThings. In such a event, do you have any other idea on how to get data from IotaWatt directly into SharpTools?

You could very easily purchase a Hubitat C-7 hub, and then simply use my IoTaWatt integration. You might even find Hubitat to be a more responsive and reliable home automation platform as compared to SmartThings. SharpTools works with both Hubitat and SmartThings. :slight_smile:

Note: Due to Samsung’s direction for the SmartThings platform (e.g. shutdown of the ST Classic App on Oct 14th, eventuall shut down of the Groovy IDE in 2021, etc…), I am no longer implementing new code on that platform. I have been using Hubitat for all of my home automation needs for over 2.5 years now. I used ST from 2014 until early 2018. I have been on Hubitat since the platform was released, and I really enjoy local processing, backups, etc…


Hi @ogiewon!

Your response is noted with thanks. For various reasons and as things stand out, I do not see myself making the move to a Hubitat hub, so I must see if anything can be done otherwise for the IoTaWatt device.


If you are a webcore user I might be able to help you pull info from the api. Keyword might :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying to help, @eibyer!

I am not a webcore user. I have done programming in the past and wanted at some stage to delve into webcore. The Query API is being described here:
IotaWatt Query API Documentation

What do you think?

PM me when you have webcore installed and we’ll give it a try!