Introducing Vertical Stacking for IF Conditions!

We’ve heard you! Many of you shared that nested IF Conditions can sometimes become a tad tricky to decipher. With your valuable insights in mind, we’re thrilled to present the option to vertically stack IF Conditions, enhancing readability and rule design.

While side-by-side IF Conditions remain a preferred choice for simple rules, we recognize their limitations for nested conditions. Hence, we’re giving you the power to choose! The next time you craft or tweak a rule with nested IF Conditions, you’ll be prompted with the option of using the vertical stacking option.

Remember, this setting is specific to each rule. Adjusting your preference is a breeze – just hit the ... icon located at the top-right of the rule editor. Rest assured, your choice will be retained once the rule is saved.

What’s New with Vertical Stacking?

  • Improved Readability for Then and Else Blocks
    • Gone are the days of squished side-by-side blocks. Welcome a clutter-free space, especially as you delve deeper into nested IF conditions.
  • Color-coded Nesting Levels
    • At a glance, discern the ‘level’ of your IF Condition. Icons for If, Then, Else, and Condition blocks on the same tier will flaunt the same color, simplifying visual identification.
  • Indentations with Color-matched Vertical Bars for Then and Else Blocks
    • Elevate the visual structure of your conditions and associated actions, ensuring clarity at every step.

Join us in embracing this feature enhancement and streamline your rule creation experience!


This is awesome! Thanks for continuously updating the platform.

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