Introducing Search!

Introducing Search!

We’re excited to announce the next release which brings with it a brand new search functionality to make it easier to manage your rules and dashboards!

We received feedback requesting better ways to manage rules and dashboards and we believe this is a great first step in accomplishing that!

In addition to making this functionality available in the list of rules and dashboards, we’ve also included search functionality in the Add Item screen when editing your dashboard! This makes it easy to search across the various resources that you have to find exactly what you’re looking to add to your dashboard.

Note: a fuzzy search algorithm is used to help better locate approximate matches and accomodate basic typos. Don’t be surprised if your search turns up other close matches.

:bulb: The search bar in the Rule Engine searches both the rule name and description, so be sure to use that to your advantage when creating and organizing your rules!


Guys, you’re awesome! :ok_hand:


It’s a great start and will prove really handy. Thank you!

How tricky would it be to include devices and variables inside rules within the search results?


Thanks for feedback. I’ve noted down the suggestion to include device and variables in the search targets. :wink:


At first glance, I think it would be a quite a bit more tricky. The Rule name and description is readily available to search for whereas the inner details of the rule aren’t.

Looks like James has noted the request and we’ll keep an eye on the level of interest from the community.

While it’s not automatic, one approach you could take is to include key device names or variable names in the rule description so the rule will show up when you search for those terms. :smiley:

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Hi guys,
Looks like there is a bug on the search, as in some cases it returns additional results that don’t meet the search criteria.

For example, I searched rules for “Roy” and after 16 correct results the list contained additional 27 results that do not include the word “Roy” within their names.

@Roy_Kfir, the search uses fuzzy algorithm to look for the search key word. So the similar words may be considered as match to help with minor typo, but the results are listed by the order of match score, so you should be able to find the exact matches at the top of the list. Also, the search in the rule list searches in both rule name and description. So that may also be the reason why you saw more than expected. Can you please take a screenshot of the rule search result and PM me, and I can take a look if the results are not as expected or things we can improve. Thanks.:grin: