International Time and Date in Super Tile

Is there a way that I can have international time in a Super Tile where I can also add the day of the week and date?

Can you clarify what you mean by “International Time”?

The Super Tile shows the time from the device that’s displaying the dashboard. It will automatically pick up the ‘locale’ settings and display the date and time formats in the local time format (assuming the PC or tablet has their locale configured correctly).

Alternatively, you can pick which time format you want to use from the configuration of a time item.


Or you can use the ‘Custom’ format and enter a custom date/time format string:

YYYY-MM-DD dddd H:mm


You can also add multiple date/time items to a Super Tile if you want more control over how things are positioned.

If you are looking to display the time from a different location than your current timezone, that’s not currently available in a Super Tile, but you can use a Custom Tile to accomplish that:

:link: Hub Time in Tile - #2 by josh

Thanks Josh for the quick reply.

I have tried both of your custom tiles as listed in your reply and they are both great. Unfortunately, I wanted to achieve both the time from a different location and also be able to add the date in a Super Tile.