Intercom through alexa

I was wondering if it is possible to utilize echo’s drop in feature by activating a tile? I can do this when searching for music but I can’t get her to respond when I set the search string to drop in. Is there a different way to go about this?

Unfortunately, neither Echo Speaks nor Alexa routine supports drop-in so there is no way to “activate” it from 3rd party. However, do you run the dashboard on a Fire tablet? I think you can send announcement from Fire’s Alexa, but drop-in may need the tablet to be in the show mode.

Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah I solely use fire tablets to run sharptools and I have a few show docks, but I’m not a fan of running in show mode, I just use them as charging cradles. One more thing i thought of, I know you can launch apps on the tablet from sharptools, but is there anyway to launch a certain layer of the app, such as the communicate tab within the alexa app?

It really depends on the app, but in general it’s usually just the main app screen that’s exposed. The ‘Intent’ format that is used for URLs are the fundamental building blocks of starting Android apps and even specific pages of an app.

That being said, most intents are internal use only and developers don’t expose them for end users or other third-party developers to have access to. There’s a variety of ‘package manager’ type apps that expose the intents that are used by apps…

If you end up figuring out how to launch your desired Alexa app feature, it would be awesome if you report your findings back here in case anyone else in the community has the same question!