Hello all,

This question has been asked but mainly regarding ring doorbells. This is more of a fully kiosk question I believe.

I am using an HIKVISION external intercom, which when activated calls the HIK-CONNECT app, now I know sharptools and smart things won’t have a work around.

Currently when in kiosk mode the tablet won’t force open the Hik-Connect app, is there a way that this can if pressed it calls the app for say a minute, let’s you use it then reverts back to the sharptools dashboard?

Are you referring to Fully Kiosk Browser’s ‘Kiosk Mode’?

If so, I believe you can use the Kiosk Mode > App Whitelist option to specify a list of apps that are allowed to open.

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That’s correct. As there’s no way to integrate the intercom into sharp tools.

Currently when pressed any device with the app installed rings and the app will show a notification, I’m hoping there is a way that this particular app can still show a notification over the kiosk browser, allow me to answer and use it, then after say 2 minutes just close and go back to the kiosk automatically.

I know you can set up a refresh URL on dashboards, I’m hoping there’s a setting the refresh the kiosk after a set period of time after use.

Hope that makes sense!