Integrating Lorex with ST

Hey all - new to ST, and I have Lorex security cameras I would like to integrate with it. I have read on different strings to use, etc, but have not had any success so far, so wondered if anyone has successfully integrated them into a dashboard, and how you did, if so?

I have the LNB8921b cameras, if that matters

I have tried turning off the ONVIF Authentication, tried embedding user/pass/port into connect strings, etc, but so far no joy. Hoping someone that has more experience with this might be able to help!

Thank you!

Hi @Randy_Rands, can you please post the URLs that you have tried so others may be able to better understand the issue and help?

Yes - basically all of the ones from, so: (user/pass are not the real ones here, just generated from their site as default… :))

Additionally, I found another string that initially seemed to be able to grab a snapshot every 5 seconds (not really what I was after, but just trying to get something to work), but it times out more than not. Here it is:

Is that helpful?

bumping to see if anyone has SharpTools integrated with their cameras outside of something like TinyCam? I don’t have that running yet, bu heard it doesn’t run well on the low powered Fire Tabs, which are my only android devices. I would really like to get this working so I can see my cams, so appreciate any pointers!

Alternatively, if there is a different approach to use here (i.e. have an icon in ST that fires up another page/app), that is not my preferred way, but better than what I presently have, which is nothing… :))

@Randy_Rands, have you ever tried to access the video streaming using the urls you mentioned in the browser directly? If it is working in the browser directly, but not in the dashboard, and you are using the Chrome browser, you may have run into the Mixed-Content issue.

You may also want to try the following URL format that I found here.

Let me know if this helps.

Hey James - so if I change the user/password, then Chrome pops up a box asking (again) for the user/pass - I am not using SSL at all, so I don’t think it’s the mixed-content (and my cameras, while they have an option for SSL, have expired certs, so I can’t turn them on, but I don’t think that’s the issue).

I have a feeling for ST that it’s not working b/c of the user/pass prompt, but I don’t know how to get past that. Any ideas? Thank you for the help - I appreciate it!

Which URL did you try when accessing directly in the browser? The embedded username password (username:passwrd@ is not longer supported in most modern browsers, so I was basically suggesting the URL without the the embedded credential before the ip address.

It sounds like you were able to access the camera image after input your credential in the prompt, so you may have to reach out to Lorex support, if the username/password can be attached as parameters in the ULR and what the format is. (You will need to test it again in the incognito mode since the credential might be cached from your last successful login.)

The Mixed-Content issue occurs when non-SSL content (http: your local camera ip) is being rendered in a SSL enabled site (, so you are likely to run into this if you are using Chrome v85+ in this case.

But I agree with you that you will need to resolve the login prompt issue first, then verify if you have the Mixed-Content issue.

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thank you - if I am using this on a Fire Tablet 8, what browser would that be using to render?

I tried the URL you suggested (I wrote it poorly in my answer, but I meant I had tried that one but replaced User/Pass with the correct ones), and actually all of them I had listed above in just a browser, but it keeps prompting for creds. I can reach out to Lorex - not holding my breath, but it’s worth a shot! Another thing I wondered is if my NVR has some sort of url I could use to access it by channel.

Am I correct in that the above links won’t be giving me a “live” feed, but rather snapshots? I really would like the live feed if possible, but will settle for snaps if that’s all I can get.

It would be based on Android WebView(Chromium) but older version, so that should not block the mixed content.

What is your NVR model? You actually may have better luck using your NVR as the video streaming proxy to convert the video stream to MJPEG. (Many models’ manuals don’t specifically call out MJPEG as supported protocol, so you may need some research to find out if it actually supports it.) So you can have live feed by accessing to your NVR, instead of the camera directly.

The URL does look like a snapshot.:frowning:

the NVR is Lorex N841A8 - details here:

OK - had a call with Lorex “support” today, which was a really frustrating experience… net is that they are not willing to help at all - “use the app” was the answer, even though that won’t work in this case.


Is using TinyCam with something like an Nvidia Shield a valid approach for this? I kind of feel like I am trying to do something non-standard, but I am not trying to be difficult (it just comes naturally… ;)). I really just want to be able to see my video streams in my dashboard, and since I have a fair investment in the Lorex system, really don’t want to replace it. I am really open to suggestions on how to do what I am after though!

Thanks for the help - looking forward to any ideas!

Yes. Really any software that can translate from your source format (likely RTSP) to a supported format like MJPEG.

TinyCam and Blue Iris are both popular solutions for this. Other people have used MotionEye on Raspberry Pis or even custom solutions with VLC.

Here’s some tips from the bottom of the Main Camera Article in the KB:

For IP Cameras that only provide RTSP streams, a common approach is to use an NVR to translate the RTSP stream into a compatible format.

  • Blue Iris is a popular NVR which runs on Windows and can convert RTSP streams to MJPEG. (Summary Post | Detailed Post)

  • TinyCam is a popular app for Android which can convert RTSP streams to MJPEG. (Community Post)

    • TinyCam may result in unstable streams especially on underpowered mobile devices.

I spent some time research and checked through the manual, but unfortunately I am not able to find any helpful information if this NVR supports MJPEG streaming. :frowning: Also checked Dahua, since I thought Lorex are using rebranded products from Dahua, but I am not able to find this particular NVR from Dahua neither.

As @josh mentioned above, you may want to check out Blue Iris/TinyCam if your cameras are supported.