Integrate HiFiBerryOS

Looking to integrate my HiFiBerry instance into my dashboard; just a ‘Now Playing’ tile with basic controls. Has anyone done this? If not, what URL can I use to embed?

Hi @Jordan_Welker from a quick search of their website, it looks like HiFiBerry is a set of hardware solutions with a variety of potential software applications that you can layer on top of it.

Are you already using a specific software setup? And have you checked to see if it integrates with your existing smart home hub (eg. SmartThings / Hubitat)?

Well, this would be for HiFiBerryOS, specifically, which I forgot to link to; it’s basically a streaming box that can take sources from Spotify, Roon, etc. and the OS is the interface.

Can you use a Custom Tile pointing to the URL of the Now Playing page on the HiFiBerryOS?

I don’t know, I’ve never made a custom tile before. I’ll give it a shot!

Doesn’t seem to work, using http://hifiberry.local or http://ipaddress

Ah, yeah, browsers are going to block embedded resources that aren’t HTTPS.

Is there an integration for the device in your smarthome hub?

It seems like the HiFiBerryOS has a bunch of different ‘services’ that it supports with things like Roon, Spotify, Squeezebox, DLNA, etc. I wonder if you might be able to use one of those. For example, I believe the community developed SmartThings Squeezebox integration supports the required fields for displaying track data and album art in SharpTools.

Ah, I see, makes sense. And yea, I just went ahead and did a Spotify ‘now playing’ tile and that will work in most cases.

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