Integrate EZVIZ DP1 peephole camera

Hello guys!
Do you know some way to integrate this camera in to a dashboard?
Thanks in advance.

@csevgut, what are you looking for in terms of the integration? Do you want to display the video streams on the dashboard? Or have a tile on the dashboard, and it loads the Ezviz app when tapped?

I took a quick log of the DP1C manual but wasn’t able to find any details on the supported protocol. If RTSP is supported, Blue Iris and TinyCam can be used as a NVR to translate the video stream into MJPEG and displayed as a Media tile in the dashboard.

Or if you want to open Ezviz app when a tile is tapped, you can follow the instructions in the post below to identify what intent URL should be used assuming you are using Fully Kiosk Browser to host the dashboard.

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I tryed several times to access rtsp steam from my ezviz peephole camera but seems that is imposible in non wired devices, instead i would like to access the app instead.

What device and browser are you using to host the dashboard? Do you use Fully Kiosk Browser?

Fire tablet 8 hd with fully kiosk browser

You can follow the steps in this post to identify the intent URL to open the Ezviz app, and then create a Hyperlink tile using the identified URL in the dashboard, so it will open Ezviz app when this tile is tapped.

There are more examples can be found in this KB article, and let me know if this helps.

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Thanks ill give it a try

Hi, Was you able to start ezviz app in the dashboard? I’ve tried multiple times, and standard hyperlink doesn’t work for me. I can see however, video stream from the blueiris software.

@Przemyslaw_Gonciarz, welcome to the community. Are you using Fully Kiosk Browser to host the dashboards? If so you can follow the instructions below to find the url to open the app.