Instant Device Status in Dashboards

I’m excited to announce ‘Instant’ Device Status for dashboards! Now when you control your smart devices, the device status is pushed to your dashboards.

Even things like dashboard editing benefit from instant updates - if you make a change to your dashboard layout, those changes will be pushed down to other devices viewing the dashboard. For example, if you have a dashboard mounted on your wall it might be easier to edit it from another device – now when you save changes on one device, you can instantly see those changes take effect on another device.

Similarly, as you make updates to your media or authorized things, those changes are pushed down to your dashboards and immediately available for use.


dude, you’re doing amazing work!

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Thanks for the positive feedback and I’m glad you are enjoying the new enhancements! We are targeting another release this week which includes new tiles for SHM, Modes, and Routines as well as a dashboard tile to link to other dashboards.

Do you have any particular feature requests for the dashboard or Rule Engine? Any interest in custom icons or custom themes?

I have taken a couple weeks off this project to work on some other things, so i havent had a chance to scour all your tutorials, but yes custom tiles would be awesome. i think an option to remove the top title bar would be great too.

is there any way to increase the speed of the commands? when i use the tiles with my phillips hue lights, it usually takes about 3.5 seconds between hitting the button and the lights responding.

In the upcoming release, when you go fullscreen, the nav bar is hidden (eg. tapping the fullscreen option in the ... menu)

Hmm… 3.5 seconds does seem a bit slow! We spent some time increasing the speed of actions in the recent release by memcaching data required to send commands to SmartThings. That being said, memcache is transient - it tries to keep the cached data as long as possible, but it does get evicted occasionally. The first time you make a request, the system might have to cache that data, but then subsequent requests should be faster.

Does the slowness only occur on the first tap? And does it only occur on Philips Hue devices?