Input Select from Home Assistant

Hi, Moving from Smartthings to Home Assistant. In ST, there was a house mode selector, so you could choose whether you are home or away, etc. I’ve built the same thing in Home Assistant and added the tile to SharpTools. I can show the state (home/away), but I can’t click on it to choose the house mode. Is there a way to do this? The only other option seems to be to set primary state to Options, but that literally just show the options in text on the tile and it does nothing when you click on it.

One thing to check would be to see if you inadvertently set the tile to “View Only” under Security.

Am I understanding correctly that you are using the input_select integration in Home Assistant?

I don’t believe we have a native tile that supports the input_select from Home Assistant with a picker UI at the moment. In the meantime, you could create rules that call the select_option(option) service from the device to select specific inputs and then add those to your dashboard. You could either add each of the rules directly to your dashboard so you could tap them to change the mode… or you could create a Super Tile that combines the displayed current mode along with icons to change to your preferred modes (with each of those icons configured to call the relevant select_option(option) rule.

Thanks. I’ll give that a shot