Inovelli Red Series Z-wave switch power usage

I can’t get the switch to show power usage in SharpTools using hero attribute. Power usage does show in Smartthings classic app but not in the ST new app. I did install the device driver in ST.

Is the device authorized in SharpTools? If so, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the Capabilities and Attribute Values section for the device?

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap the ... next to your desired location
  3. Scroll down and tap on the desired device
  4. Take a screenshot of the Capabilities and Attribute Values section and post it here

Here are both switches:

I just noticed the porch light switch is working but the basement light switch is not showing power. Here is a screenshot with it on.

Did you see my response to your post in the Inovelli forum? Which version DH are you using? If you are not seeing the power display in the device’s page in the new app, you probably don’t have the latest DH installed (9/21/20). If you do, you probably need to exclude and re-include the switch to get those attributes exposed.

Not sure where to check version in the ST API and how to upgrade it. Do I just create new device handler or can I paste over existing code in the API? I will go back to the Inovelli web site and review install process for DH

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I add a new DH dated 9-21-2020. I was unable to delete the existing DH as it said DeviceType still in use by devices so I found a way to edit the source code and added the new code saved and published it. Now I have three DH: One is a child DH dated 2017 not sure how to update that one and the other two are the new DH dated 9-21-2020. I still don’t see power option in the new ST APP after restarting the APP.