Inovelli Red LED notification bar

Has anyone gotten the Inovelli Red notification bars to work with notfications.
There are setNotificaionLevel, setNotificationColor, and setNotificationEffect methods that I’m trying to set, but can’t seem to get them to work. I found this thread Resources | Blue Series Smart 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) - Manual - Docs - Inovelli Community that has some documentation for the Blue series lights, so I’m assuming it works the same, that has numeric values for those methods, but even plugging them in, it doesn’t seem to work.

Has anyone gotten these to do notifications?

As soon as I posted this… literally… I realized that I wasn’t setting the setNotificationDuration() value, once I added “255” for “indefinite” it started working.

Sorry for the unnecessary post, but maybe my ignorance will save someone else’s problems in the future.


For anyone else stumbling on this post, here’s some more documentation that I pieced together from a few different sources for these Red Series switches.

0 = Off
1 = Solid
2 = Chase
3 = Fast Blink
4 = Slow Blink
5 = Pulse

This is the brightness, 0-100

1-59 = 1 second per interval
60-119 = 1 minute per interval
120-254 = 1 hour per interval
255 = indefinite
so 58 would be 58 seconds, 63 would be 4 minutes, 122 would be 3 hours (have not tested this much, ok…at all)

Use this Inovelli Switch Tool to drag the slider to the color you want and use the number it shows you.


Thanks for sharing the solution! I love it when people follow up and post the solution so other people who arrive here in the future benefit!

In the spirit of sharing knowledge, here’s a tip you can use to improve the performance of the rule. In your IF Condition, instead of checking the device state you can check a Context Variable which has the triggering event value.

When using a device in an IF Condition, the rule has to query for the device state which takes a few hundred extra milliseconds. If you use the $context.event.value variable, the rule is able to use the value that triggered the rule to immediately evaluate the condition which results in faster rule execution!

Yep, what you noted is true regardless of how you set a notification on an Inovelli . . . via Sharptools, hub automation, hub app, etc. If you don’t set all 4 parameters, the notification won’t work!

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Of course… that’s why it’s called a “community” and not “help desk”.

Thank you for that, works like a charm

Welp… there goes $30 a year :joy:

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