Incrementing variables

This is my first-week implementing SharpTools and I have hit a serious roadblock of either my knowledge or functionality.

I cannot find a way to increment an existing value neither in a variable nor [preferably] in a device attribute.

What I am trying to do is increase the [level] attribute for a light.

Can this be done?

Hi @Lorne_Hampel, can you provide a bit more details about this scenario? Do you mean you want to adjust the light’s level from the dashboard, or change the level based on an automation rule?

Hi James.

What I was looking to do is create a tile on the dashboard that I could use to bump the level up [or down] a specific increment. I started to create an automation rule to include in a tile to do this but I was unable to figure out how to change the level from n to n+1. Setting a specific level was no problem.

In any case, I am not so much interested in finding a way t do this as I am in finding out if there is a way to increment a variable [or an attribute] for potential other use as my experience and creativity increase. It’s really about understanding the limits of programming in SharpTools.

I currently have about 100 very complex automations implemented as pistons in WebCore that I will convert to SharpTools if the facility is there. I understand that I will not be able to convert most of them.

BTW, as a WebCore user, I just LOVE SharpTools. Its programming limitations are more than made up for by the BEAUTIFUL interface and CONTROL ability. You probably know that WebCore is a dashboard only with no ability to do anything other than by piston.

My current workaround is to use the slider to adjust which works fine.


@Lorne_Hampel, thanks for the additional details. Adding math (incrementing) to variables is indeed in the list, and I’d encourage you to cast your vote in the Math with variables feature request. (Tap “Vote” at top-left corner.) So it will help us prioritize our tasks. :grinning:

I voted! Thanks, I guess this is closed.

Can you direct me to where I can find a list of all things in the works? I have three more votes burning a hole in my pocket.

You can find all the feature requests here, and thanks for your feedback.