Ikea Smart Button

Hi Guys.

I have one of them Ikea round smart buttons. I have connected the device in ST and i have updated SharpTools to see the devices.

I am trying to set a rule so that when the middle button is pushed that it turns a light on or off. When i push the middle button nothing happens. Am i missing something?

Might be batteries. It connected up ok but when i look in ST the battery is showing as 0%. Got some on order so will retest tomorrow,

Hi @Craig_McFarlane, have you checked the device’s event history in the SmartThings app? I am wondering if the button’s pushed events were reported in SmartThings as expected.

Thanks James for the reply. So i have this working… sort of. It was the battery but also when adding the device in ST to leave the name as IKEA Remote Control.

So i have it now that if i press the middle button it will turn the light on. But what i need to do is if light is on and middle button is pushed that it turns off , and also if the light is off when the button is pushed to switch it on. Any ideas how i can do this in Sharp Tools?

actually ive done it with two rules. Thought there might have been a way with a single rule?

Glad to hear you got the button device working. So in your Rule Flow, you can add an IF condition as the first activity and check if the lamp 's switch is on or not. If on, then execute the command off; otherwise, execute the command on.

Oh fantastic. Thanks James. I am still getting to grips with Sharp Tools and always seem to over look the IF statements. Let me go back and check it out.

I really appreciate your help James. Always so helpful. I am loving this platform so much i upgraded my account. It awesome

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