Ikea RGBW Bulb "Warm White"

I have an Ikea RGBW bulb. When the power to the bulb is physically restarted, it displays a bright warm white colour. However all attempts to recreate this colour in SharpTools have failed (often appearing yellowish and dimmer).
I have tried getting the Hue & Saturation from SmartThings, and then putting that into SharpTools. I’ve tried using an equations to work out what the difference between what is entered in SharpTools and what values are seen by the light. I have also tried manually changing the values in a SharpTools routine but none of my various tests even come close.
Previously i was using Webcore, and got the desired result with HSL (Hue: 30°, Saturation: 66%, Lightness: 100%); is there a way i can replicate this in SharpTools?
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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That’s an interesting one as an HSL value with a ‘Lightness’ of 100% is pure white. :thinking:

Has the bulb switched over to an Edge Driver? If so, what driver is it using?

The firmware within these bulbs is a bit odd as they don’t operate on traditional Hue / Saturation commands like most bulbs and instead expect a Color XY format. As such, the Groovy device handler was doing a bunch of special work just for IKEA bulbs. I haven’t been keeping up with it, but as of a year ago, there wasn’t a stock driver that officially supported IKEA’s XY format. I recall there being some discussion in Mariano’s community driver thread, but I don’t know if he ever ended up properly supporting them.

Thank you for your reply @josh
It was using the stock “zigbee switch” driver, but even after switching to Mariano’s driver it responded the same.
I think I’m just going to have to live with “close enough” rather than figuring out the actual value of the default, as even in the history the Hue and Saturation levels are very inconsistent, and even with my constant trial and error i can’t get the same default. Strangely the update status is much, much slower than on groovy.
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