IFTTT Control without SmartThings

Hey guys,
I’m looking at using SharpTools and IFTTT without SmartThings or Hubitat. I can use Pushbullet but I need to control a smart plug compatible with IFTTT. Has anyone been able to do this?

Thanks Nathan

What brand is the smart plug?

Smart life / Jinvoo is the brand, josh.

Thanks for the update. I’m guessing these are associated with or rebranded Tuya Smart Life platform connected devices? I’ve seen a few reports of ‘Smart Life’, but I’ve found it difficult to find meaningful information about the products.

The short version is: your best bet is to try to get these connected with one of our supported platforms.

As of right now, Hubitat, SmartThings, and Pushbullet are supported platforms and we have plans to add connections to other popular platforms. If Smart Life has an open API and there’s enough interest, we would be open to adding them as a connected platform - I haven’t seen a lot of requests for these though.

Unfortunately, it looks like IFTTT’s Pushbullet integration doesn’t have any ‘triggers’, otherwise that could be used for kicking off an IFTTT recipe to control your lights. We’ve been looking at adding webhook capabilities to the Rule Engine, so once that’s in place you could use it with the IFTTT maker channel to get some basic connectivity in place. That being said, IFTTT doesn’t really have an API in the traditional sense… so it would really just be a one-way thing to control your lights, but you wouldn’t have the status displayed in SharpTools.

One other thing you might consider is picking up a hub from Hubitat or SmartThings if there is a supported Smart Life integration… for example, it looks like someone has figured out how to get these plugs integrated with Hubitat which has a native SharpTools integration: